The Seed of Joy Giver Support Foundation (TSJGSF) rests on the pedestals of self-denial, altruism, inclusion and acceptance of disadvantaged children in mainstream society.

Injections and activities of the Foundation since inception have been squarely placed on the shoulders of the Initiator, Mr. Elijah Andrew Akinyemi’s passion and determination to pay back to society for quality education and opportunity of service to deprived persons. Not forgetting the Board(s) of Trustees and Management. Bodies of Retired men and women from public/private service with vast experiences and unrelenting in the reformative and transformation drive of the dark and scary nights of hitherto vulnerable children to daylight and mementos worthy of treasure.

The inputs of Engr. Joseph Odiete and Engr. Bashiru Amidu are no flukes. Their setup and regular maintenance of the Foundation’s website serve as beacons for a picturesque imagery, mouth piecing and laundering. The Foundation’s roadmap is visible in all nooks and crannies of the universe.

Undoubtedly, droplets of water form an ocean; likened, the contributions and might of each and every member, friends and associates resulting to the pinnacles of success attained so far!

Challenges of mind-bugling inflationary trends, lip service to matters pertaining to the under-privileged children, wanton discrimination and deprivation persist. Nonetheless, in togetherness and unity of purpose, despair shall be turned into hope and joy for these teeming vulnerable children in our midst.